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Learning Python

General recommendations

  • Start with single files (main.py) and learn how to run them using the terminal or from the IDE
  • Get a good code editor and start using it, get familiar with the features (I recommend PyCharm)
  • When you code more often, also start learning how to use git and backup your code with Github.
  • Test your code using print() statements
  • Learn first the data types, loops, functions and how to create virtual environments (python -m venv venv && source venv/bin/activate)


Sentdex is the man behind this project. He is quick and to the point, and more the engineer type of coder. He was offered a lot of bucks by google, but never wanted to work for them

TechWorld with Nana

She has impressively detailed content with very professional illustrations and covers also advanced topics such as kubernetes.

Talk Python Podcast

Run by @mkennedy, he also runs his own learning platform focused on the web and you can get some free tutorials as well

Letztes Update: August 7, 2022
Erstellt: August 7, 2022