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What is a python package?

A python package refers to a software bundle that contains python code with it's dependencies. A python package can be built and uploaded to PyPi and then installed using pip install. Distributed python packages support different python versions or operating systems.

How to create a python package?


You can use cookiecutter templates to bootstrap new projects. For python, take a look at cookiecutter-pypackage.

How can I install my own python packages?

To start, you can install your python package from git repository directly.

pip --user git+https://gitlab.com/user/project.git#main

For a private repo

pip install --user git+ssh://git@gitlab.com/user/project.git#main


You might want to use pipx instead of pip install --user if you want to install a global package like a cli in order to prevent dependency conflicts with installed system packages.


If you are building docker images in projects that depend on one of your private repos, you could mount an ssh_key during build to access the repository.


Letztes Update: May 20, 2023
Erstellt: August 7, 2022