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It's a good idea to have a password manager with a main password to access the rest of them. Here is my recommendation that fits following needs:

  • Not one that is provided by a browser
  • Does have a browser extension
  • Runs on all platforms, also Linux
  • Uses a local password database that can be synced using a sync tool of my choice
  • is FOSS


For the criteria above there is only Keepass XC that matches them all. It's really a good choice, not perfect, but has a lot of more advanced features as well. It has a browser plugin for Firefox


  1. Download keepass
  2. Create a password database. Use a master password that is long, e.g. a combo of different words separated by spaces
  3. Go to the Settings -> Browser Integration and your browser of choice
  4. Get the browser plugin: Firefox, Chrome
Store ssh keys

Keepass is able to store whole ssh private keys with passwords inside the db. With Ctrl+H they can be added to the ssh agent.


Letztes Update: August 30, 2023
Erstellt: September 10, 2022